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Hi! I am Enma, thank you very much for taking the time to listen in.

Over the years as a curious traveler of life, I went through different roles - entrepreneur, trainer and now an executive coach across multiple geographies.

On this journey I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing women. Every one of them shared a unique story of passion, resilience, and success overcoming challenges in their own unique way. Their stories kept me up, thinking and imagining…… I woke up - inspired, excited and motivated.

At the same time, I was coaching young women who were sometimes despondent about challenges they were facing, looking to be inspired or just needed that little push to seize the day.

To get broader validation, I conducted research among aspiring women professionals.

Questions ranged from, “how do we build presence and exercise influence” to the more powerful observation, “Men have to state whereas women have to convince”.

It was evident that there was much to learn from women who had walked the path and created their own course. No matter which discipline you looked at - there were many unsung hidden stories of women that were amazing and inspiring.

I am driven to find these hidden stories, collate them and now with the technology of podcasting, share them with you.

I named my podcast Atalanta Diaries, after the Greek mythological figure Atalanta. She was abandoned as a child by her father, an Arcadian king because he wished to have a son.

She grew up in the forest to become a huntress and was the only woman amongst the famed Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece.

Atalanta Diaries, I hope will be a place to have meaningful conversations with breakthrough women where we explore the ebb and flow of their unique journeys.

A place where we can learn and connect beyond the limitations of the audio file.

Do give me your feedback and your suggestions on other Breakthrough Women you would like me to invite on Atalanta Diaries.

Thank you again and happy listening.

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Born into a third-generation business family in Brunei Darussalam, Hafimi Abdul Haadi is the Executive Director of the LVK Group of Companies. Her upbringing reflects a diverse cultural background since she spent her early years in Brunei, New Zealand, and Australia.

Dedicated to public service, Hafimi has held influential positions as the Chairperson of the Competition Commission of Brunei Darussalam since 2018. She was also a member of the Legislative Council of Brunei Darussalam from 2017 to 2022, where her contributions made a lasting impression. 

Hafimi's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship is evident through her leadership at the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei (YEAB) and as a key contributor to the ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneurs Forum. Internationally, she represents Brunei Darussalam at the APEC Business Advisory Council, chairing the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Working Group. Currently, she also leads the Inclusion Task Force as the Chair for ABAC in 2023.

In addition to her professional commitments, Hafimi holds significant board positions in various organizations, including UBD Corp Sdn Bhd in Brunei, TOQQA Global in Australia, and Jen Energy Africa Ltd in Uganda. She also serves as an International Advisor to Abodoo in Ireland.

Her passion for community development is exemplified by her role as the Chair of the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation's Committee on Social Enterprise Strategy, initiating a living incubation project called "Ristaan Abadi di Kg Bolkiah.

Hafimi is an alumna of Deakin University, holding a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Architecture (Honours). In recognition of her contributions, she was honored with the P.S.B. medal (The Most Blessed Order of Setia Negara Brunei-4th Class) by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam in 2019.


Key themes emerging out of our conversation:

  • Significance of profitability in business
  • Influence and impact of grandparents and parents 
  • Earning your stripes, not taking for granted your position
  • The unique way in which appointments are announced in Brunei
  • No good organization can move forward if it has two masters
  • The importance of contributing to and uplifting the community
  • The significance of preparation and the power of a reliable network
  • Ikhlas - genuineness and wholeheartedness in one's actions or pursuits
  • Building strong relationships and not taking for granted time spent together
  • Managing responsibilities by finding connections and intersections among them
  • Detachment from Material Things, understanding the transient nature of possessions 


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Born in the UK, Melanie Jones (Mel) returned to Melbourne with her Australian mother at just 3 months old while her West Indian father remained in the UK. 

Mel is currently a part of Fox Sports' Cricket team, anchoring coverage alongside renowned cricket personalities. She leads commentary for significant events like the World Cups and the 2023 men's and women's Ashes series for Sky Sport.

Her journey into sports commentary began in 2015 when she became one of the first-ever female commentators in the Indian Premier League (IPL). By 2018, Mel had transitioned into full-time sports commentary, notably becoming the first female cricket lead in Australia's men's and women's Big Bash broadcasts.

Before her commentary career, Mel had an illustrious playing career in cricket. She played alongside cricket legends such as Karen Rolton and Belinda Clark and faced formidable opponents like Charlotte Edwards and Jhulan Goswami. Her debut in international cricket came during Australia's dominant era, notably with her pivotal role in the 1997 Women's Cricket World Cup victory against New Zealand at Kolkata's Eden Gardens, witnessed by 70,000 fans. She continued to excel, scoring a notable 131 on her test match debut during Australia's Ashes tour of England, and concluded her playing career with a spectacular win in the 2005 Women's Cricket World Cup final in South Africa, earning a reputation as one of the world's finest fielders.

Beyond cricket, Mel dedicated herself to supporting and expanding opportunities for women in sports, significantly contributing to various women in sports task forces and serving on the board of Bowls Australia.

Her remarkable contributions to cricket and the community led to her receiving the Medal of the Order of Australia in January 2019. Later that year, she assumed a position as a Director on the board of Cricket Australia.

An advocate for charitable initiatives promoting equality, Mel is currently an ambassador for Victoria University and Red Dust Role Models."


Key themes emerging out of our conversation:

  • Navigating racial and gender discrimination.
  • Advocating for First Nations in Australian society.
  • Upholding the tradition of mentorship within the sport.
  • Inclusivity and allyship, promoting gender-neutral language.
  • Displaying bravery, embracing discomfort to address conflicts.
  • The impact of cricket and sports contributing to broader societal changes.
  • Various influential figures and their roles in shaping Mel's cricketing journey
  • Sports are a platform for acquiring critical life skills like teamwork, resilience, courage, and communication.
  • Earning a seat at the table, advocating for women's representation, and addressing their concerns within cricket.
  • Beautiful mother-daughter relationship showcasing bravery and strong values.


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Rina Singh's roots are in rural North India, where she was raised within a culture of family and community craftsmanship, which continues to influence her. She has experience researching and developing indigenous Indian textile techniques with NIFT Gandhinagar, where she worked as an assistant professor. She gained international fashion insight through her travels and work with an international design studio based in Prato, Italy, and with Wills Lifestyle, where she headed the women's wear category.

In 2011, Rina Singh launched "ekà," primarily working with textile craftspeople in rural Western and Eastern India to develop natural and sustainable fabrics in modern yet enduring silhouettes.

Eka` means one in Sanskrit and describes a one-of-a-kind product for women who wear their hearts on their sleeves and attitude in their clothes.

Rina Singh made history as the first designer from India to collaborate with the global apparel conglomerate Uniqlo for the launch of its first-ever Kurta collection, available across stores globally, for the AW19 and SS20 seasons.

She received the Chairman's Scholarship from Wigan & Leigh College to study fashion in the UK in 1998. In 2015, she was awarded the Elle India Graduates Award. In 2016, she was a runner-up at the Vogue India Fashion Fund and a regional finalist from India for the prestigious International Woolmark Prize. In 2019, Rina Singh was awarded the Vogue Power List - Minimalist Designer of the Year and featured as Harper Bazaar's Women of the Year.


Key themes emerging out of our conversation:

  • Education was not a right, and she had to earn it. 
  • Creating the Eka Tribe and building the community.
  • Rina's relationship with her different mentors, her confidant.
  • Strong women are often silenced more than empowered.
  • Discover how Rina's scholarship paved the path to where she stands today.
  • How reading served as a refuge during challenging times, an escape.
  • She recognized her place in the world of fashion and that everyone rises together.
  • Fashion is not just an attire but a means of expressing one's personality and individuality.
  • Values of simple village life, rural surroundings, and elements like earth, water, air, and nature and their influence on Rina's work and perspective.
  • Highly skilled and dexterous craft should not merely survive but thrive and become a form of art.


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Rayman Mathoda is a CEO, board director, and social entrepreneur with a compelling track record of transforming companies to deliver exceptional growth and value creation. Rayman successfully transformed 5 companies, executing 4 M&A transactions with Fortune 500 buyers or sellers, including exits to Fidelity National Financial and Goldman Sachs. 

Rayman serves as an independent board member for Mosaic Finance, a market-leading clean energy fintech, and previously served as a board director for Genesis Capital, Sharestates, GPX, the Housing Authority of the City of LA (HACLA), LA LGBT Center, and Planned Parenthood LA.

Rayman started her career at McKinsey, where she co-led the firm's West Coast healthcare practice. Rayman has an A.B. Honors from Princeton University and an M.B.A. with Distinction from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Rayman Mathoda has been awarded the prestigious ⁠2023 Women of Influence award⁠ by, a testament to Rayman's unwavering commitment to excellence, leadership, and innovation in the commercial real estate industry.

Rayman lives in Los Angeles with her wife and two sets of twins.


Key themes emerging out of our conversation:

  • A proud Sikh wanting to make the world a better place.
  • The pivotal role her father played in shaping her values.
  • Journey from denial to self-acceptance of one's identity.
  • Transforming struggling companies, becoming a hired gun CEO.
  • Journey of self-acceptance, marked by apprehensions and mental health challenges.
  • Blunders along the journey, how most significant successes arise in times of adversity.
  • Indian parents often live through their children and make significant sacrifices for their dreams. 
  • Surrounding oneself with the right people, success or failure often hinges on the company one keeps.


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Swati Shetty is a producer based in Los Angeles and the Founder & Director of Samosa Stories. She is a Pharmacist and MBA by education.

Swati began her entertainment career at StarTV, followed by Disney. Earlier, as President of Balaji Motion Pictures, Swati put together a successful slate of films, starting with The Dirty Picture, the first-ever female-driven film that had extraordinary success at the box office. She also produced Umrika, a drama that won India's first Sundance award (2015).

Prior to launching her own company, Samosa stories, Swati was Executive Vice President at Imagine Entertainment and moved to the US in 2016 as Netflix's first employee from India. Her most recent success is the release of the much-loved Netflix Original movie, The Wedding Season.

In this episode, Swati shares her courageous leadership journey as a film producer, her experience working and living in the US, and how she creates a brave and beautiful life for herself.


Key Takeaways from the episode:

  • People with a wrong sense of power love to make people afraid. 
  • We are all global citizens, we need to be open to adapt. 
  • It is not necessary that because we are older we are wiser
  • Everything doesn't need to be hard.
  • Hire people smarter and better than you only then will you learn and grow.


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A place to listen to insightful conversations with breakthrough women across disciplines & geographies to explore the ebb & flow of their unique journeys.

Every episode will open the door to meet one such breakthrough woman, listen to her courageous journey, learn how she overcame challenges along the way, and be inspired to achieve your own greatness & rightful place at the table.

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